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British Council has announced the eleventh edition of its popular Summer School programme that helps parents from across India give their children the confidence and tools to succeed in an evolving world. Since 2010, British Council’s Summer School programme has been focusing on inculcating 21st century skills in children across India. The 2021 edition has been reimagined in view of the evolving curriculum in Indian schools as well as the present Covid-19 scenario.

Fully online, British Council’s #CraftingFutures Summer School programme has been designed to enable participants improve their core communication skills while discovering their own style and talents. It puts your child in the driver’s seat, instilling confidence in them, while learning contemporary life skills such as creativity, critical thinking and problem solving. It is a unique, theme-based programme –  aimed at helping children develop an awareness of Indian cultural heritage; focus on art forms, craft and design; personalise and apply ancient knowledge to the modern context; and develop language and real-world skills. The children will learn storytelling and expression following a narrative of Indian arts and culture.

It is a unique, theme-based programme that that excites children to learn rather than spend complete hours in front of a screen. The Indian education system and the school curriculum is undergoing change – with greater focus on a child’s overall development and honing their interpersonal skills – aimed at creating more agile and adaptive individuals who are prepared to succeed in a globalised, always evolving world. This year’s theme is #Crafting Futures –The fun, interactive, and inspiring learning module has been designed for children of age 5-17 years, segregated in age groups of 5-6 years, 7-12 years and 13-17 years to ensure age-appropriate learning and tasks.


Crafting Futures Batch 1: 26 April – 07 May

Crafting Futures Batch 2: 10 May – 21 May

Crafting Futures Batch 3: 24 May – 04 June

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