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The University of Dundee, a UK based University in association with Al-Maktoum College Dundee announces two scholarship opportunities for the students of Masters of Science in Islamic Finance. The scholarship opportunities are announced for the session 2021-22. One of the scholarships will be allocated in September and the other will be allocated in January 2022. The scholarship will be provided for the full tuition fee waiver for the entire academic year. It also includes a stipend of £8,000 which will be paid over 12 months. It is available only on full-time courses. The scholarship is applicable to selected countries including India. Indian students are eligible for the scholarship in this postgraduate course in Islamic Finance and the duration of the course is one year.

The students eligible for the scholarship need to fulfil three conditions. Firstly, firmly needs to accept their offer of their entry in MSc Islamic Finance starting in September 2021 or January 2022. Secondly, they need have an international, RUK or home fee status. Thirdly, the students who can produce the evidence of their refugee status are will be considered as a priority.

The University is now accepting applications for the batch of January 2022 only. The students do not have to apply separately for the scholarship and the application form would be sufficed. For international students the scholarship is available for a total of 201 listed countries. Some of the listed countries eligible for the scholarships are Argentina, Bangladesh, Bhutan Nepal, New Zealand and Fiji.

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