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Up until March 2022, there were 1,33,135 Indian students who went abroad for higher studies. Every year millions of students move abroad to pursue their higher education, moving to a new country for the first time and it can be a daunting task. To make the overall study-abroad experience smooth and enriching, University Living, a global student housing platform, has launched a slew of Value-Added Services.

The services include international flight booking, Forex Card and currency, Airport pickup service, Guarantor Service, luggage storage, international SIM card, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) (Australia), student travel insurance, remittance, room essentials, and even education loans. The platform’s Value-Added Services are highly convenient and come with numerous benefits, making the moving abroad experience hassle-free and seamless. Understanding that students and their parents go through a stressful time when they move abroad, University Living has launched these Value-Added Services, transcending merely providing student accommodations to make the entire study-abroad experience a fulfilling one.

For instance, University Living’s international flight booking service allows students to book flights at the lowest possible fares across all sectors and even offers post-booking assistance for cancellations or changes. Similarly, the Forex Card can be used worldwide without paying a processing fee to University Living, and flexible luggage storage is available at convenient locations. Parents and guardians can make use of University Living’s remittance service to pay for the student’s rent, tuition, and other expenses. Last but not least, University Living provides all the room essentials, including a student kit, home makeover kit, kitchen kit, bedroom, living room, bathroom essentials, and kitchen items.

In 2021, around 4,44,553 Indian students departed the country for higher education overseas, according to the Bureau of Immigration (BoI).  Students can save time, money, and effort in hunting for essential items for their life abroad and can instantly set up their student quarters.

Mayank Maheshwari, Co-Founder and COO of University Living said, “Students often stress about the admissions process and they tend to overlook the post-admission services they may require. Accommodation being one of the most important one. However, we’ve noticed that along the student journey, they often find it tough to open current accounts, forex, airport transfers, health insurance and more. They often find themselves in a last minute scurry to find these services and end up paying exorbitant amounts. We wanted to give the students a platform to avail of accommodation and any service they may require while they are abroad. This takes away a lot of the stress from the parents to ensure that their kids are free of worry and are sorted in their new homes away from home.”

It is estimated that by 2025, a whopping 8 million will be studying abroad. This means that they would need more services to help make their journey as seamless as possible. In the coming months, University Living is planning on introducing a host of more services so that a student can concentrate on getting their higher-ed degree and forget about the other nitty-gritties. For more information about the services, visit https://www.universityliving.com/services.

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