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Through the pandemic, children from underserved communities across India have been hit the hardest. A majority of students didn’t have access to smartphones resulting in a 2-year regression in learning. As the first step, U&I digitised all their learning centres so classes continue without any learning lag.

With a first-of-its-kind hybrid approach to volunteering, U&I is giving 4000 Change-makers across 49 cities the accessibility, flexibility and the opportunity to impact 3000+ underserved children. An exciting month-long campaign that just launched, will be rallied by the volunteering community to find India’s passionate ChangeMakers.

The campaign “India’s Call for Change” will run across different social media platforms, followed by an application and screening process, to ensure the students find the best mentors. With a teacher-student ratio of 2:5, students will receive focused attention resulting in a better learning experience.

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