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Udemy, a leading global marketplace for learning and teaching online with millions of learners in India, has announced its top trending skills for the month of June 2021. This list has been compiled based on the trending skills that Udemy’s corporate product, Udemy Business, analyzes every month.

The top 10 trending skills in India for the month of June 2021 include:

  1. Tally.ERP- 431% increase in course consumption
  2. Goods and Services Tax- 406%
  3. Oracle Developer- 244%
  4. Next.js- 221%
  5. Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator (PCNSA)- 209%
  6. Cryptocurrency- 205%
  7. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)- 183%
  8. Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect- 149%
  9. Object Detection- 141%
  10. WebdriverIO- 135%

Udemy Business examines, analyzes and shares data based on what thousands of employees around the world are learning. The report provides perspective on  required skills for the future of work by analysis and evaluation of billions of data points garnered  through these learners.

Talking about the monthly report, Irwin Anand, MD, Udemy India, said, “As skills become the new currency for the workforce, it is now more important than ever to understand growing skills trends to stay competitive. These monthly reports aim to provide insights to organizations, helping them upskill their employees for attaining business goals in the long-term.”

The top surging skills and courses by Industry in June 2021 were:

  • Financial Services- 135% increase in Robotic Process Automation course consumption
  • Retail- 90% increase in Interpersonal Feedback course consumption
  • Professional Services- 241% increase in Microsoft PL-900 course consumption

In addition, the report includes Top 10 surging Technology skills and Soft skills around the world.

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