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The United Arab Emirates University participated in the Clarify Innovation Forum, which was held virtually on May 25-26, 2021, and the university was represented in the forum by Dr. Ahmed Ali Murad, Associate Deputy for Scientific Research at the University, where he participated in a session to develop focused research programs with the participation of Dr. Amer Al Hinai, Deputy Director of Sultan Qaboos University for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research.

Dr. Ahmed Murad reviewed the experience of the United Arab Emirates University as a research university that includes various research funding programs. He also talked about the relationship between industry, academic universities and government institutions through understanding the different needs of each sector, and how to build an integrative research system that contributes to finding scientific solutions to government and industry challenges. He also discussed the need to develop research priority and bridge the gap between industry and the academic university.

The associate deputy for scientific research at the university explained in his lecture, “The private sector has full knowledge of the real challenges and is in an essential need to find solutions to these challenges. Universities and research centers are among the most appropriate entities to participate in finding data-based solutions through scientific research, which requires work on Finding points of contact between universities and scientific institutes with the industry sector. “The next stage requires us to fully understand the challenges through brainstorming sessions and effective dynamic communication between researchers in universities, experts and specialists from the industry sector,” he added.

In his lecture, Dr. Ahmed Ali Murad touched on the experience of the United Arab Emirates University in building and developing research programs, stating that the university has reviewed the research priorities to match the national strategy for innovation, stressing that the university has focused on the principles of the Fourth Industrial Revolution through the District project. 4.0 Which focuses on technology. The university also strengthened its efforts by focusing on scientific research related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The university has also supported the infrastructure by providing scientific laboratories that include the best scientific devices that help researchers to conduct scientific research smoothly, and scientific research has been strengthened at the university through the establishment of research centers related to the national innovation strategy, as it established the Khalifa Center for Biotechnology and Engineering. Genetic, National Center for Space Science and Technology, National Center for Water and Energy, Zayed Bin Sultan Center for Health Sciences, Emirates Center for Mobility Research, UAE University Center for Public Policy and Leadership, Center for Big Data Analysis, Fatima Bint Mubarak Center for Motherhood and Childhood Research. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the UAE University adopted a research funding program to support research projects Related to Covid-19, where 5 main research projects have been funded To increase the global reputation through scientific research that discusses the challenges of societies.

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