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Under the slogan “You are the Future”, the Center for Employment and Alumni Affairs is organizing the “UAE University Employment and Training” virtual exhibition under the auspices of the Acting Rector of the University, Dr. Ghaleb Al-Hadhrami, on 15-16 June.

The exhibition aims to help students and graduates of the university to learn about the requirements of the labor market and job and training opportunities with the participation of various private and governmental sectors in the country and international sectors, to support and enhance Emiratisation efforts in line with the strategic plan of the UAE University, in addition to hosting a number of professional workshops, dialogue sessions and brainstorming groups during the holding period The exhibition, with the participation of various government and private agencies in the country .

Dr. Aisha Al Dhaheri, Associate Deputy for Student Affairs, said that the UAEU Employment and Training Exhibition constitutes a forum between graduate students and employers, which comes in the context of the UAE University’s “University of the Future” vision to enhance employment opportunities for its students and contribute to serving their community.

Confirmed by Dr. Al Dhaheri stressed the role of the UAE University in supporting its graduates and students, and its possession of a selection of skilled and tools appropriate to the requirements of the labor market. Pointing out that the university, over many years, provided honorable models of its graduates in accordance with the standards and requirements of employers, and according to the variables required by local and international jobs, being a summary of accredited academic programs, and various extracurricular activities and skills, which in turn provided them with the necessary support, and also provided educational tools To continue their practical education and enhance their professional skills.

Dr. Aisha Al Dhaheri, Associate Deputy for Student Affairs

Amal Al-Maamari, Head of the Vocational Preparation Unit, said: “We aspire that this exhibition will be a meeting point between graduates and entities that offer job opportunities, training programs and scholarships, and introduce students to the skills and specializations required by these institutions, in addition to giving institutions an opportunity to get to know students and the quality of skills And the tools they possess, and to highlight the high outcomes of UAEU students. The exhibition is also an opportunity for new students at the university to get acquainted with the requirements of the labor market and thus help them determine the specializations they will enroll in.” .

It is worth noting that the platform dedicated to the first virtual UAEU for employment and training exhibition, consists of: First – the reception area: which also provides technical support for any technical challenges, second – the communication area, through which you can communicate with students and alumni, in addition to documenting the attendance of the exhibition and sharing their screenshots on social media platforms, third – the main theater where various lectures will be held, fourth – Workshops area, which will include 5 different rooms with content of workshops, dialogue sessions and brainstorming. Fifthly – Exhibitors area, where you can meet with representatives of employers and submit your CVs in this area .

Al-Maamari added: “This platform constitutes an important and effective meeting point, as it brings together job seekers from university students and graduates, in addition to employers from government agencies, semi-government agencies, private companies and international companies. Through the exhibition, you can apply for job and training vacancies and the various programs that Provided by employers, direct communication with representatives of the participating parties, dialogue with them and building a professional network, attending introductory sessions on future opportunities, whether they are higher education opportunities, continuing education, or introductory sessions with exceptional programs!In addition, the exhibition provides you with the opportunity to attend various workshops and groups Brainstorming and others.”

It is expected that the exhibition will visit between 1,500 to 2,000 job seekers and vocational training opportunities in the governmental and private sectors, and 50 entities will participate in this first event. During its two days, the Training and Employment Exhibition will present a variety of workshops in the field of CV writing and job interview. And other skills required by the labor market. Along with career advice, a range of interactive activities, interactive seminars and lectures .

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