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TriByte’s Learning Management System is an interactive multi-lingual learning platform that comprehensively complements MS Teams’ need for integrating learning applications. Available as a global application that can be added to the teams/channels, the custom-built LMS App provides for the structured presentation of learning materials that cater to the varied pedagogical needs of the enterprises and educational institutions.

With most of the education being executed remotely (online) during the pandemic and institutions adopting MS Teams for collaboration, the users were forced to rely on additional software for monitoring and scheduling purposes. This led to an increase in the hassles of managing visibility, logins as well as the costs associated with supporting and training the staff for these multiple applications. The need for a one-stop comprehensive and content management system gave rise to TriByte developing an App for Learning Management within MS Teams. The App has a plethora of offerings that range from timetable scheduling, attendance tracking, communicating assignments to providing detailed analysis of the assessments as well. The application displays its sophistication with a flexible rule engine, customizable messages that can be shared with teams or a subset of the audience based on the defined trigger events. The built-in structural gamification adds to enhancing the learning experience while the built-in e-commerce storefront manages course registrations aiding an automated experience that leads with finesse.

“Our future-ready learning system is a testament to the processes and vision that we work with. The amalgamation between integrated solutions and enhancing learners’ engagement has resulted in a data-driven Cloud-hosted LMS that holds seamless learning experience at its nucleus.”

With this seamless and secure solution, the custom-built LMS app flaunts a pristine level of integration that proves to be innovative, instrumental, resulting in cost & time savings, in addition to improved collaboration and ease of use. Additionally, it has the potential to help organizations save up to $21.7millions in just 3 years (as per Forrester Teams Platform Total Economic Impact™ Report, June 2020.

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