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English is the most common and widely spoken language across the world and this is one of the most prominent reasons that teaching English in foreign countries has become quite popular. However, what adds value to your profile as a teacher and opens the gates to multiple career prospects is the TEFL certification course.

TEFL Certification is one of the highly recommended courses when it comes to teaching English. India, which is a popular hub for various kinds of certification courses, offers some of the most highly valued, online and offline TEFL courses to enhance your skills and eventually boost your confidence.

To help the on-lookers select the best certification course for their career, here is a quick guide of the Top 5 Institutes offering the best TEFL Course.

Henry Harvin: For those who want to outshine in the field of teaching by learning some innovative ideas, the TEFL Certification course offered by India’s leading Ed-Tech company – Henry Harvin is the most feasible choice. This course rendered by Henry Harvin will help the aspirant in procuring an extensive understanding of learner’s psychology and will also help in amplifying the performance by embracing effective class and time management techniques. With this course spanning over 40 hours of interactive Instructor-led sessions, and 24 hours of community sessions over the next 12 months; the participant will be prepared for facing and clearing interviews with confidence.

American TESOL Institute: American TESOL Institute offers one of the most high profile online and in-class and flexible and advanced TEFL courses. Course offered by highly qualified teachers who provide a finely balanced and well-structured instruction that helps the aspirants to become facilitators in learning the English language. The course offered by American TESOL is based on sound learning, productive skills, and pronounced concepts. It is an 80 hour online course which is self paced yet interactive. An integral part of the program is to enable participants to create lesson plans which can be used in the classroom readily, apart from forming a sound theoretical base in the second language teaching learning process.

i-to-i TEFL: i-to-i TEFL delivers a TEFL course with accreditation of Open Distance Learning Quality Council. This course is available in both online and offline mode. The 120-hour class for TEFL certification program is accompanied by detailed feedback from the tutors. Not just the theoretical training, this program also offers internship opportunities to the participants. Developed with leading language schools, this course is recognized by people all over the world and helps the applicant with their dream role as a teacher abroad.

Asian College of Teachers: Asian College of Teachers gives a complete International TEFL Certification course that will build the potential outcomes of hopeful English educators entering the world of teaching English as Foreign language. This course helps in boosting the aspirant’s self-confidence through their unique and innovative teaching methods. Accredited by TESOL Canada and TESOL USA, the course duration is 120 hours spread over a period of 4 months.

INTESOL: INTESOL is one of the most trusted and dedicated teacher training institutes offering TEFL courses to equip you to succeed in your dream career of teaching English abroad. INTESOL offers customized and carefully designed TEFL courses for wannabe teachers looking to sharpen their skills. 3 weeks of an intense 120-hour learning session with best tutorial support and research materials, this course can be accessed from any place across the globe. Not just this, INTESOL also provides effective classroom TEFL courses designed for practical classroom training options.

On completing the course successfully, the candidates are accredited with a globally recognized certificate that will make them eligible for teaching abroad.


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