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After the successful launch of the ‘Genius Code’ series’ introductory episode with Ayushmann Khurrana as the first guest, the second episode featuring Amish Tripathi is now live on Genius Inside’s website. The ‘Genius Code’ series decodes the lives of overachievers across different sectors, motivating aspirants to bring about the imperative alterations to achieve the desired results. Spearheaded by Genius Inside’s very own Chief of Content & Founder – Priya Kumar, the series creates a goal-directed narrative backed by real-life experiences. Genius Inside is a recently launched AI-powered platform aiding personal and professional transformation

The second episode of The Genius Code features the multibranched talent, Amish Tripathi. Amish, an author, a bureaucrat, a multi-tasker, not only inspires one through his work and accomplishments but also through his journey in getting there. Amish Tripathi has created a massive impact in the industry of writing and publishing with his mythological tales rooted in modernism and spirituality. Over 1.7 billion copies of his book have been sold around the world. Amish is a self-sustained author who follows his success and the formulas used to achieve his dreams are magnificent. While in conversation with Priya Kumar, in principle, Amish brought the process and the people who were instrumental to him in achieving his goal to the forefront.

The Genius Code series sees internationally acclaimed motivational speaker and bestselling author Priya Kumar highlights the experiences of different prominent personalities like Sonu Nigam, Pullela Gopichand, Ramesh Kumar Dua, Sunil Grover, and many more stalwarts who transformed the life of mediocrity into abundance break down their success mantras.

With a vision to inspire people, inculcate confidence, and bring out the ‘genius’ within, Genius Inside cuts through the noise and distractions to give people the direction they need to help discover their purpose. The journey of studying, decoding, and applying success is embarked upon through The Genius Code.

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