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The Red Curtain announced the winners of The Good [email protected] Festival, the first to award theater, created post-Covid-19, that featured live performances, online. Christened spontaneously by a global audience from 30 countries as ‘The Reddies’, here are the results.

Each Finalist performed live twice. So that a Jury of 11 celebrated theater thought-leaders in 7 countries could deliberate on the best in [email protected], the new word for online plays where geography is history.

Best Script: Mahana Narimani, for ‘Labor’, an ePlay performed from Iran.

Best Individual Performance: Nicky Harley, who played Lady Macbeth in a 90-minute version of ‘Macbeth’, from Northern Ireland.

Best Ensemble: The Art Of Facing Fear, performed by a cast and crew from Brazil, UK, Sweden, Germany, Senegal, Cape Verde, Nigeria, South Africa & Zimbabwe.

Honorable Mention (for Best Ensemble): One Can Only Laugh, from Tamil Nadu, India.

Most Innovative Use of Technology Joint Winners: Macbeth from Northern Ireland & Metamorphosis from Wales.

Honorable Mention (for Use of Technology): Fat Kids Are Harder To Kidnap On Zoom, from Singapore.

Best Direction: Ben Pettitt-Wade (Metamorphosis). From Wales.

Honorable Mention (for Direction): Zoe Seaton (Macbeth), from Northern Ireland.

Best Production: The Art Of Facing Fear. Initiated from Brazil, but with performers from 8 more countries.

Honorable Mention (for Production): Labor, from Iran.

Commenting on this Sumit Lai Roy, Festival Co-Director and Founder Member, The Red Curtain International, said, “It has been a very satisfying experience to see that the Good [email protected] Festival & Awards could attract over 1500 participants from 30 countries. Quite organically, a ‘good [email protected] family’ has evolved. Productions from Iran and India got world recognition. A play from Brazil had a 25 -strong cast and crew performing simultaneously from three continents to win the Best Production Award. As far as theater goes, geography has now become history.”

With this [email protected], The Red Curtain announced the formation of the Good [email protected] Family that had given birth to an award to now be called ‘The Reddies’. Members of this theater family believe that the audience and actor must be visible to each other for theater to spread the healing touch it can. “Good theater is a hospital for the soul,” said Rodolfo Garcia Vasquez, whose team won two ‘Reddies’.

The proceeds of the Good [email protected] Festival go towards healing theater artists in India, who do not have the means to continue performing due to the pandemic closure of theater spaces. StayIN aLIVE, an artists’ collective, is the donation partner for the [email protected]

The Red Curtain International also announced plans for a Short [email protected] Festival in the first quarter of 2021, a more global version of The Art Of Facing Fear with cast and crew in six continents in the second quarter, The Good [email protected] Festival & Awards 2021 in the third quarter, and a Joy To The World [email protected] in the last quarter of 2021.

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