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Global Study Abroad platform LeverageEdu has added Amy Baker, founder of the revered PIE News to its Advisory Board, founder CEO Akshay Chaturvedi announced today. Amy is one of the most renowned faces of international education globally, & has over the years been instrumental in moving the industry by miles.

Akshay Chaturvedi, Founder & CEO, LeverageEdu, added: “Amy has been a mentor to me personally for couple years now, & with this we are only formalising that. She will provide Leverage an added dose of expertise as we embrace the fast changing international education world, & make our next set of big moves globally”. LeverageEdu previously had started its UK operations, where it works with 80+ universities directly, including being technology partners with half a dozen, as part of which the company is helping shorten the admission timelines at the college end. Amy will also be helping the UK based team explore potential avenues for product development work.

In August, LeverageEdu had added Karan Khemka, former EY Parthenon veteran & current PE Exec, as its first Advisory Board member. Chaturvedi added, saying “such appointments are critical, as we become a more global business, and that leaves a lot of unchartered territories for us to be better understand and win at!”

“I am delighted to be working with Akshay and his team in an advisory capacity. It’s clear that the Leverage Edu is underpinned by a passion and energy to serve students and the impact they have made in a short space of time in terms of client numbers is impressive. This shows creativity and determination of vision and an innate understanding of their target demographic.” said, Amy Baker.

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