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The Lexicon Schools are excited to announce an innovative step – the first Indian school to introduce the Digital Marketing Certification Course for classes XI & XII students. The Lexicon schools aim to provide students the holistic development and not only keep the students well informed and to boost their careers but make them efficacious digital marketers as well.

Digital learning is now an integral part of business, paving the way for more career opportunities for the upcoming generation. This integrated learning program is designed for all Lexicon students of XI & XII classes of different campuses. Students will also have access to 4 additional certification courses as part of the curriculum. The course will be led by the expert faculty from the Lexicon Centre of Excellence, exposing the students to innovative learning models in this fast-accelerating industry.

The Lexicon schools open a new doorway to the world of Digital Marketing training for their students with these application-based integrated courses. The modules will be part of the syllabus at gratuitous. The meticulously designed syllabus and learning materials are drafted to assist the students to become Digital Marketers, not just academically but also by giving them practical experience.

One of the acute mechanisms of a company’s growth strategy is digital marketing. It is in high demand and the digital economy will continue to expand in the coming years. The certificate courses offered to the students before will ensure that the students have the foundational expertise. Students are prepared with an in-depth knowledge of marketing models so that they are ready to face the real-time challenges out there. Students get exposure to all concepts such as ORM, Paid Media, SEO, Social, and Content. It will enable them to apply the theory learned through the program to everyday realistic marketing trials.

The Lexicon School’s Digital Marketing course is structured to give widespread and comprehensive exposure to Digital Marketing models in a more concrete and practical way. The course acclimatizes a very concerted method that emphasizes more compound projects and job-ready skills. This course will formulate the students to get a successful role in the Digital Marketing segment.

The Lexicon School’s goal is to develop effective, poised, and quick-witted marketers. The School’s objective is to formulate the students not just to face the challenges that every digital marketer faces but also to yield expected productive results. The training courses for these young students will give them access to first-class knowledge, helping them yield a more vigorous, proficient, and viable strategy.

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