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Makerspace at Anant National University was established to provide students with a facility where ideas can be converted into real products and artefacts. Students can undertake multiple explorations. Be it the Proof of concept prototypes, Experimental models, Exploration of materials outcomes, Full working models, Programmable or intelligent IoT enabled devices, it’s all under one roof. It is a collaborative workshop area open for students, faculty and staff. Though each Team member comes with varied backgrounds and skill-sets, yet at Makerspace, they all have one identity – The Problem solvers! Makerspace gives the freedom to ideate & constructively create innovations that can be suited across the age groups. The army of innovators are trained & groomed to think out of the box for a Smart India.

Some of the recent unique innovations include –

A) Smart Chair – Yes! The perfect solution to the sedentary lifestyle! Transforming a Bamboo chair into smart furniture monitors your sitting posture and alerts you if you are in the wrong position. Working at a desk job has worsened the situation. What does a Smart chair do? An ultrasonic sensor is installed on the backside of the chair to sense the signal and the distance of the human back from that if the human postures are not within the accurately measured distance, it will indicate to the controller, and the controller sends the data to the buzzer. Any increase in the space suggests back bending. A buzzing sound will alert the user to change his seating position, reducing health concerns. An Arduino board manages the entire process.

B) Intelligent Kitchen – Now stay safe and be less worrisome on Gas LEAKS in the kitchen! “Intelligent Kitchen” assists you in maintaining the safety of your home. We are all aware of the increasing number of fires caused by gas stove control valves remaining open or by pipelined gas leakage. Because electricity is the primary need in the house and is constantly in use in various rooms and areas, a gas leak immediately starts a fire. Smoke detectors are installed in modern homes and apartments, but they are always too late to control the fire. When a smoke sensor detects smoke, it is too late to prevent it. The Intelligent Kitchen will detect gas leaks using the MQ2 gas sensor, a robust gas sensor suitable for sensing LPG, Smoke, Alcohol, Propane, Hydrogen, Methane, and Carbon Monoxide concentrations in the air. The sensor is linked to the controller, and via relay, the external chimney and exhaust fan can turn on automatically without the need for a switch, while the gas valve can be closed using a motor. The sensor will detect various gases, preventing damage to kitchen equipment and preventing a home fire. With this technology put in the kitchen, there is no risk of a house fire starting from the kitchen.

The Makerspace is divided into separate areas for wood-working, metalworking, hand fabrication on plastics and workstations for clay and plaster of paris. The facility is equipped with a hi-tech digital manufacturing laboratory and an electronics workbench.

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