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Photography is an essential element of design, as a good visual reference can help create a better design and convey the message. The Design Village (TDV) organised an exhibition on photography in collaboration with Aman Chotani.  The event was organized by Ms. Marie Duval, Brand Developer/Strategic Planner, and the photographer, Ms. Isabelle Touyarou. Aman Chotani, travel photographer, shared experiences of his journey and gave more insights into the project, The Last Avatar. The project visually documents Indian gods and reconnects to the lost traditions to shape a better future in alignment with our past.

Aman also exhibited his work across the campus, depicting portraits of indigenous people from across the globe. The French Associates, UK expatriates, and Indian students were also a part of this exhibition.

As part of the event, photographer Isabelle Touyarou says, “I was impressed by The Design Village and the beautiful Indian sense of welcome. Everybody had a great time and enjoyed the tour of TDV India, a great place for design and architecture lovers. They also discovered the exhibition and participated in the presentation of the photographer Aman Chotani about the Last Avatar, his research, and art project about Indian tribes. It is a great occasion to learn more about India, our host country, and to share our world. ”

The design village shares a great relationship with this French design centre by means of unique workshops attended by students and faculty alike. Moreover, exchange programmes at L’Ecole de Design, a leading French design school, enhance students’ experience and provide a diverse design thinking environment.

The Design Village encourages organising events where one can celebrate the work of people within the industry and network to maintain a strong focus on real world relevance.

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