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The Design Village (TDV) noida collaborated with originators of ARAKU speciality coffee brand to set up an unique cafe experience. Envisioned as a cultural icon for the ecosystem, a special evening in store for its inhabitants was set up with the intentions to spread awareness about the origin of the striving tribal communities and complex processes involved in the delivery of these specialty coffee beans. ARAKU cafe stands to be one of 3 such artisanal coffee experiences built across the world, the others situated in Bangalore and Paris. A significant step for homegrown ARAKU coffee and collaborative energy of The Design Village.

ARAKU’s Vice President Anupama Sreeramaneni, along with Chief agricultural adviser Mr. David Hogg gave a presentation on social upliftment, sheer grit of tribal communities and equitable business practices via cooperatives that have put Araku valley on the map. He also explained about the technical expertise which goes far and beyond established agricultural practices and robust frameworks of understanding soil health.

Vatsal Agrawal, Associate Dean, Executive Affairs At The Design Village said “The promise of cultivating a community to thrive and its commitment to serve the best coffee, while passing on the benefits to their farmers and their families positions it’s context within The Design Village’s DNA and pedagogy inherently.

The village is beyond a metaphor and translates to the physical space where facilitators and students thrive as villagers to co-learn, envision dreams and develop skills to realise them.”

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