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Mumbai-based online test preparation platform Testbook, ended 2020 with a whopping 136% spike in sales of their ‘Testbook Pass’ product, through its partnership with WebEngage journeys. The brand implemented intelligent customer engagement campaigns powered by WebEngage to help students affected by the COVID pandemic to prepare effectively for tests and government exams that were rescheduled.

Founded in 2014 by a team of IIT graduates, Testbook helps students from tier II cities and beyond, prepare for government job recruitment exams. Testbook has partnered with WebEngage to supercharge their communication and engagement strategy and boost their student engagement rates. The edtech startup helps students prepare for 250+ exams with more than 15 million registered users and 900,000 active paid subscribers.

The COVID pandemic hit Testbook hard, as the business model was structured around Government exam schedules. Inevitably, several government exams were cancelled in the year 2020 which affected business. However, this created a latent need for test preparations, as a massive backlog of exams started to build up. The Testbook team leveraged this opportunity, and crafted a hyper-personalized communication strategy to help customers prepare for exams that were rescheduled to the end of 2020, and early 2021. WebEngage enabled timely, contextual communication to high-intent users, resulting in a conversion uptick that contributed to 33% of Testbook’s overall revenue.

Avlesh Singh, CEO and Co-founder of WebEngage

April felt the brunt of COVID-19, with conversions dropping by 63% compared to March. This was countered by an omnichannel engagement strategy supercharged with personalised communication that helped drive growth even during difficult times. From that point onwards, the business went on an upward trajectory, ending at a 280% improvement in click-through conversions in December 2020.

“Now that the Government has started announcing exam dates we can see an increasing traffic on our site with students looking to explore both Testbook Pass and Testbook Select subscriptions. We are confident that we will be able to cater to the massive traffic with personalised and contextual communication with the help of WebEngage.” as mentioned by Narendra Agrawal, CMO & Co-founder of Testbook.

Testbook plans to use Relays from the WebEngage suite to automate their campaign creation process and deliver contextual communication to its users. Testbook subscribers will be alerted for any updates specific to the exams they are interested in. “Personalized and relevant messaging will help improve student engagement even more. It is important to be omnipresent in the student’s journey and we plan to do exactly that along with WebEngage” said Narendra.

“We are elated that WebEngage is able to deliver tailor made campaigns to Testbook users and contribute close to 1/3rd of Testbook’s revenue. The world has witnessed a complete change in the education technology interface since 2020. Brands want to communicate more and take a community approach while marketing their products and services. We want to continue to help brands like Testbook deliver a tailor made user experience.” said Avlesh Singh, CEO and Co-founder of WebEngage.

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