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Testbook.com, the edtech platform that aims at turning India’s examination preparation landscape for public sector jobs into a tech-driven, automated system where students can learn at their own pace, has signed MoUs with India’s top educational institutions including IITs to impart professional skills training for securing high-paying jobs. The list includes IIT Madras, IIT Ropar and IIT Gandhinagar, and many more colleges across India.

Says Ashutosh Kumar, Founder, and CEO, Testbook.com, “Testbook.com’s unique professional skill trainings come with a powerful curriculum that is designed to meet employers’ expectations and the readiness of the candidates. Colleges are using Testbook’s services to prepare students for placements through multiple Live tests. Students and the colleges can benchmark their preparation level through performance analytics so that extra attention can be given to their placement preparation. More than 70,000 students from across India have currently enrolled in the trainings and the same is trending in social media. Testbook.com also conducts regular inter and intra-college live quiz competitions to help students benchmark themselves and learn about their shortcomings to improve further.”

Testbook.com is currently preparing for a National Skills Quiz competition that will have participation from more than 50,000 students from over 150 colleges from across the country. Says Ashutosh “we aim to assist students to get to their dream career by helping them with skills enhancement along with their regular studies through a one-stop online learning platform which can be subscribed. Testbook App helps them prepare for more than 250 different types of jobs in the public and private sector through more than200 online courses and more than 14,000 mock and practice tests.”

Majority of college students are trying to find their professional direction while in college and Testbook wants to help. The National Quiz is an attempt to cover 360 degree aspects of job preparation through various prizes which include

· Exploring career options through Testbook Pass, free for all participants

· Providing Learning Tools through Skills development trainings and Testbook Pass

· Providing Mentorship through industry experts- the people who have already achieved what the student wants to achieve

· Industry experience through Internships by giving practical exposure to how the industry & market works

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