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Red Bull Basement, a global platform for student innovators from around the world in all areas of study to innovate, collaborate and improve student life, returned to India earlier this year for its third year. After an open-invitation phase for entries, Team Yibe Network from MIT ADT University, Pune, consisting of Suraj Suryavanshi and Shweta Morale, was selected India winners and will now represent the country at the Global Workshop. Worldwide, more than 3800 student teams from all areas of study applied for the 2020 program by submitting a video explaining their idea.

The team’s idea, called Yibe Network, is a productive networking application that can help students connect with like-minded individuals or groups across campus. The app will have features like Events, where students can find latest information on college festivals, workshops and other events they can be part of; Growth+, where students can learn skills from others and sign up for internship and other work opportunities; Money Matters, where they can keep track of their borrowing and lending with regular reminders; social networking, and much more. Currently in its final development stage, the team plans to roll out beta testing for the app soon.

“Yibe is a centralised college ecosystem where students can network with like-minded individuals, even from different colleges. Upon verification, students can use multiple features of Yibe Network. Students can find events within their interests, use Growth+ to improve their skills, find students who share similar interests to participate in an activity, or learn a new skill. They can also find activities around them to enjoy their time with friends or find new people to enjoy with,” says the team.

Until December 9, the finalist teams will refine their ideas in a Development phase, with access to resources including a workspace, mentorship programs and a global network of innovators. Besides the young innovators and student entrepreneurs from 36 countries, two wildcard teams are also participating from HONOR and NTT, the Global Partners of Red Bull Basement.

The culmination of the students’ participation will come in December, when team Yibe Network will join the other finalist teams in the Red Bull Basement Global Workshop. In this virtual experience, they’ll forge business relationships and networking connections with access to some of the world’s most visionary thought leaders. And they’ll pitch their ideas for social change and disruptive technology to the experts.

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