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Education is the means to social, economic, and cultural empowerment. But still, there is a large chunk of the population that has been bereft of this fundamental necessity of life. Unfortunately, quality education is still a privilege in India that is only accessible to a select few in society who have the economic and financial muscle to bear the hefty expenses. It is one of the unpleasant and repugnant realities of today’s world, causing dismay to people. Affordable Education does not always mean Quality Education and visa-versa.

To meet the perpetual need for ‘Quality and Affordable’ education and expand the scope of girl child education, ed-tech start-up and online-only school, The Class of One (TCO1) has launched Edu4All, which enables access to high-quality, affordable education, which is a basic human right central to living a dignified life. It is one of its kind initiative to empower students by providing the right value education they are deserving of.

The Edu4All program is streamlined under the tagline ‘Jo Sikhe Wahi Sikander’ pandering to the global student community and designed according to the principles of the Indian education curriculum. It has been initiated to impart ‘Qualitative Learning’ to avid learners and students across the world.

It is also counted as one of the crucial changes to make education ‘affordable’. One of the dastardly effects of the commercialisation of education and crony capitalism is that it has made access to education “off-limits”, especially for people from economically weaker sections and lower strata of society. Today, the education realm has transgressed geographically, and the world has become a global home now. People with diverse cultural identities are establishing connectivity and learning different subjects and dynamics in the age of the blooming ed-tech sector and fast internet connections.

Heralding an era of new change, TCO1 has started Edu4All, which is not only promising affordable education. It also offers quality education, in the real sense of the term, which focuses on the holistic development of the child. It lays emphasis on creating a sense of social, political, and environmental awareness among children and making them socially responsible citizens. Edu4All covers classes from Nursery to Standard 5th, admitting children from various states like Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka.

It has witnessed a massive number of enquiries from everywhere, praising the unique concept of the policy and its emphasis on girl child education. India has often received snarky criticism for holding conservative beliefs and desisting girls from getting an education. But in recent times, the data for admission of girls in schools have seen a sharp increase. It clearly indicates that rising numbers of girls are enrolling in online schools for primary, secondary, and higher level studies. Edu4All will help girls from disprivileged and socially backward backgrounds to get proper and quality education at affordable prices. The kind of academic success girls are achieving in the education sphere has inspired many others to achieve their dreams and not take studies lightly. Edu4All will definitely be a torchbearer in this aspect, bound to see an increasing number of admissions from girls.

At the launch, Mrs Divya Jain, Founder and Director, TCO1, said, “The Edu4All program was conceptualised to make quality education easily accessibly and affordable to everyone, regardless of their social and economic standing. TC01 has always believed in transforming the realms of education transparency and using it as a tool for empowerment. We are elated to see fast enrollments under the model, which will cater to a wide global audience. It accords importance to girl child education, and we will be enrolling girls to strengthen and empower them to create a beautiful future for themselves.”

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