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India’s leading educational channel, Study IQ, has crossed the 10 million subscriber milestone on YouTube. Offering in-depth content to help students prepare for over 120 entrance exams, the channel clocks 80-100 million organic views every month. With a mission to provide every student complete educational and study material for exams they wish to participate in, Study IQ today reaches students across small towns and remote villages, with roughly 70% of their viewership coming from non-metro centres.

In just 6 years since its launch, Study IQ has also been making steady strides globally, recording two million views each month from Middle Eastern and European countries. Beyond preparation for competitive and government service exams, Study IQ also recognised the latent demand for content that simplified news and current affairs. With a team of 150+ who aid content creation across topics, Study IQ today also offers easy-to-consume explainers on a wide range of topics.

Dr. Gaurav Garg, Co-founder, Study IQ Education said, “We are extremely excited and proud to see our channel cross such a big milestone. Our aim was to ensure that students across the globe get easy access to education to crack tough entrance examinations for pursuing a career of their choice. We’re glad that our platform has been able to help students keep up with their learning even during the pandemic, alleviating the issue of access to study material and to a shared community. In fact, our channel’s monthly viewership almost doubled from 45 million to 85 million over the last 15 months.”

Satya Raghavan, Director, YouTube Content Partnerships, India said, “As people continue to seek content that helps them master new concepts and decode complex ones, learning and education creators on YouTube have truly stepped up to address a latent need over the last few years. For aspirants across the country who are seeking to make a meaningful difference in their lives, channels like Study IQ provide an invaluable stepping stone to achieving better productivity, employability and incomes. With content that reaches consumers even in some of the most remote towns and villages, the significant milestone that Study IQ has crossed underscores the transformative impact that truly helpful content can have in empowering the next generation of emerging professionals.”

In 2019, Google funded eight creators from India including Study IQ Education to support the development of high-quality learning content.

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