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Once again, graduates of Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT-Delhi) fetched lucrative job offers from some of the world’s top brands. Recently, tech giants such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook recruited students from B.Tech. and M.Tech. The recruitment process is still not over and few more are lined up to visit the campus.

Google made a total of 15 offers to our B Tech students. Out of them, 3 full-time offers are received by the students from B Tech 2020 batch, as Software Development Engineer, and 06 B Tech pre-final year students of bagged summer internships for May 2020. Moreover, 6 female students from B Tech 2nd year were selected through the STEP (Summer Trainee Engineering Program) for the summer internship.

For the first time, Amazon recruited 5 students from the M Tech CSE 2020 Batch, and a PhD student was conferred with Applied Scientist role, one of the niche roles offered to IIIT-D by a Fortune 100 company. The role involves maximizing the benefits of innovative machine learning (ML) techniques in the industry to solve real-world e-Commerce problems through diversified applications of ML. The key responsibilities for this position include analyzing and extracting relevant information from large amounts of Amazon’s historical business data to help automate and optimize key processes, establishing scalable, efficient, automated processes for large scale data model development and researching and implementing novel machine learning and statistical approaches.

Another highlight of this year’s placement season was the international offer from Facebook (London) to a student of B Tech final year. A student of B Tech CSE 2021 batch was also received an internship opportunity from Facebook (London), with an attractive stipend.

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