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IMS Ghaziabad organized a highly relevant Workshop on “Protecting Innovation through Patents and Trade Secrets for PGDM students. The critical session was envisaged under the vision of Director, Dr. Urvashi Makkar to create awareness about the need and importance of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

The Expert Resource Speaker for the session was Mr. Rajat Malhotra, Principal Consultant, Ideas2IPR, who shared his insights on the various tools of IPR that can be used for protecting an idea from marketplace predators. Using multiple examples, situations and anecdotes, he skilfully explained the difference between and specific usage of trademarks, patents, designs, GI, copyrights and trade secrets. Coordinated by Dr. Ajay Kumar Patel, Dean Students Affairs, and Dr. Naveen Virmani, Area Chair, Operations, the interactive workshop was instrumental in apprising the students about the process of filing of applications for patents and other IPR.

Delivering the Inaugural Address, Dr. Urvashi Makkar emphasized the importance of protecting Intellectual property in fostering innovation and enabling businesses and individuals reap the full benefits of their inventions. Inspiring the young minds to unleash their unique ideas, she highlighted the support system provided by the institute to harness the huge pool of talent present in the students in order to create growth opportunities. The session ended in an ambience of positivity wherein the budding enthusiasts who had submitted their novel ideas were felicitated.

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