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What if learning never felt like learning? What if children could mould their minds, broaden their horizons, right in the comfort of their homes?

The Official Peppa Pig is launching its “Stay home with Peppa” initiative, where the much loved character will promote responsible and safe behaviour among children by impressing upon the importance of being indoors. To bloom young ones while they stay home, Peppa has organized a plethora of fun filled activities, joining hands with a bunch of exciting partners too!

Watch your escape to the magical world of books with a wide variety of reading activities. Your child can awaken their inner Picasso with a range of art and craft programmes. Break a leg with your mini MJs as they learn how to dance with panache and learn to take care of your mind body and soul through yoga series.

And that’s not all! The festive season is approaching, and Peppa will help all its tiny champs understand the rich history behind these celebrations. They will discover how to whip up delicious delicacies during Diwali, and cook lip smacking sweets for Christmas.

Talking about the campaign, Patricia Chan, Director (Marketing) Entertainment One says, “Children have limitless potential to soar high; all they need is an exciting challenge to get going. With our Stay home with Peppa initiative, we aim to channelize their energy in a productive direction. May it be picking up a book or wielding a brush, planting a flower or dancing in delight, Peppa has something in store for every kid’s growing interests!”

Nandan Jha, Senior Vice President, Product & Sales, Penguin Random House India, says, ‘Over the years the Peppa Pig brand has become a family staple and a household phenomenon. It is undoubtedly the most loved and the fastest growing children’s brand for Penguin Random House in India. This year we are expecting an year on year growth of 20% in sales and the ‘Stay Home with Peppa initiative’ with its focus on learning while having fun will certainly help with that.’

Peppa Pig is cherished by many children, and the brand is attempting to engage with them in a positive way with this initiative. Peppa has many more surprises in store for all her little fans!

Well, looks like learning is a happy journey when we “Stay home with Peppa”.

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