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St. George’s University, Grenada has opened their January intake for aspiring medical students. The university offers a rolling admissions process with first-term classes starting in January 2022, giving prospective students a further opportunity to kick-start their medical education without losing out on an academic year.

Future doctors that join SGU’s January 2022 cohort will be a part of a smaller class size, which makes it easier for students to adjust better to the rigors of the medical school during their first term. Students are also allowed flexibility in scheduling their clinical rotations when opting for a January start and will have additional time to prepare for residency. There is also an increased opportunity of 1:1 exposure to resident directors for students in the January 2022 class.

“Admission to our January 2022 class is a great opportunity for students who may not have received a NEET allotted place in medical school”, says Bharat Gadhia, Recruitment Director for St. George’s University in South Asia. “We understand that starting medical school at the beginning of the academic year is not always possible, our next intake starting in January is the perfect route for students who don’t want to wait to become a doctor”, Bharat concludes.

St. George’s University School of Medicine provides a diverse, multicultural and international environment that empowers students to learn the medical knowledge, clinical skills and professional behaviors to participate in healthcare delivery to people across the world, the January intake allows students to embark on this journey sooner.

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