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SpringPeople, a pioneer in enterprise training and the biggest enterprise IT training provider in the country, has launched Online Proctored Exams in India. SpringPeople are the only Training Provider offering proctored exam service for learners in the country. The shift from an in-person exam format to an online one needs reliable and secure processes for objective evaluations. SpringPeople is doing just that with the online proctoring technology that allows organizations to assess examinees from anywhere.

Not only does this system allows candidates to sit assessments\tests from anywhere and anytime, but also save time, money and logistical challenges of organizing exams, booking venue, scheduling invigilator’s time etc. for the organizations. Moreover, these digital proctoring services have made it impossible for students to use unfair means because examinees cannot bypass the security framework. This will help honest students achieve their career goals easily.

Online Proctored Exams are timed exams that one can take while the proctoring software monitors examinee’s computer desktop, as well as exam setting\environment using webcam video and audio streams, analyzed in real-time using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Furthermore, the data recorded by the proctoring software is transferred to a backend proctoring service for manual review as well, if required. An Online Proctored Exam is just like any other exam, but with an online infrastructure to support all the associated activities—most importantly invigilation to maintain the sanctity of an exam room.

Speaking about this exam, Mr. Peeush Bajpai, CEO-Founder, SpringPeople, said, “Today, remote proctoring is helping IT institutes conduct extremely secure online exams with flexibility and without compromising the safety and well-being of candidates regardless of location. Its success is making it hard for the most dedicated advocates of traditional exams to question the advantages of remote proctoring technology, which is changing the ways of teaching and assessing competencies.”

He further said, “While the disruption caused by the pandemic has had a significant impact on the upskilling plans of candidates, this proctoring option will provide a great opportunity and make it easy for a candidate to become certified.”


Key features of the Exam Software

Trustworthy Software

At the core of the Online Proctoring Exam is feature rich, AI driven software. The entire infrastructure is usually a Cloud-based system. Today, with the rise of virtual learning worldwide, it is a natural extension to expect Fully Proctoring Exams online.

Candidate Authentication

The online proctoring begins with authentication. Before the exam begins, the system requires students to present their photo IDs; using AI facial recognition and image matching, the software establishes the identity of the examinee, eliminating any chances of impersonation.

Real-time Candidate Monitoring

The next step involves monitoring of candidates while they take an exam. The software checks the examinee’s computer environment and test setting, eliminating suspicious behavior during the exam. This is achieved using sophisticated AI powered analysis to consistently monitor candidates and flag any doubtful cases.

Data Storage and Review

Although the flag raised is real-time, the audio- and video-recording data of the exams is stored on the Cloud. So, after the exams are over, you or your team can review the cases again.

No Chance of Cheating

Can a candidate search for an answer on the web? What if they open an eBook or a material on the screen? What if they have a mobile phone nearby, or a person sitting next to the candidate in the exam room?

SpringPeople assures us that none of that is possible during an Online Proctoring Exam. This proctoring software makes sure that no other software or applications are used while taking the test; equally, AI powered analysis of the webcam video and audio stream consistently monitors and flags any potential misconduct. Even if it is missed, all the recordings are stored online and can be reviewed later.

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