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Tiny tots from The Somaiya School had a fun start to the day, as they jumped and waded into a mud pit during their annual Splash Puddle Day.

The Splash Pudddle Day is part of the initiatives organised by The Somaiya School to make students aware about different elements of nature and get more in touch them. It is an activity that gives children a fun way of learning the different aspects of rain. Children from the pre-primary section jumped up and slathered on some mud, which they described as soft and squishy.

The few benefits of mud play are:

  • Playing in dirt builds a stronger immune system.
  • Kids are happier and more relaxed when they’re playing outside.
  • Children learn best when they use all of their senses – something that mud play allows for.
  • Playing in nature helps children develop resilience and learn to how to take measured risks.
  • Mud play encourages open-ended play and creative thinking.
  • Mud play is soothing and has therapeutic qualities.
  • Mud play with friends helps to develop social skills such as sharing, turn-taking and negotiating.

Principal Ms Parveen Shaikh said, “The Somaiya School has been doing this activity every year since 2012. Every year we receive tremendous response from the parents. Allowing kids to play outdoors creates happy memories with nature. Children feel more than happy being dirty in the mud. They connect with nature and making direct contact with the mud also improve their mood, reduce anxiety levels and facilitate learning. As children run mud through fingers, scoop mud, and create mud paintings, they develop hand-eye coordination and learn about cause and effect. Their sensory skills also develop with this.”

Madhav Shah, Sr.KG student said “I enjoyed playing in the mud and painting with the mud all over. I would love to do this again.”

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