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SkillEnable collaborates with IEM, Kolkata’s BCA & M.Sc (Computer Science) Department, to raise awareness about the data science tool called R. They gave students the hands-on opportunity to work with the tool. This collaboration is a positive sign for the students, as it makes them job-ready by providing them interactive exposure.

SkillEnable, an employability-based edtech company is on mission to bridge the demand-supply gap of industry-ready candidates with relevant skill sets in the Data Science Industry. The company is best known for offering one of a kind learn now, pay later option. This feels structure helps the students to pursue the course, without worrying about paying the fees upfront. They can pay the fees when they get a job.

The two-hour classes covered the topics with Live Case Studies so the students could gain relevant knowledge to use this tool for basic works. The topics include:

1. Introduction to Analytics and R.

2. Introduction to Regression and Classification; Logistics Regression using R

3.  Simple classification use case

The objective of SkillEnable behind this is to educate engineering students about a variety of career options at their disposal. Data science is a booming field. This discipline is evolving to achieve new heights every passing day. The field offers an attractive salary and an exciting career option to the students.

Talking about the potentially revolutionary collaboration Nirpeksh Kumbhat, the founder of SkillEnable, said “We are aspiring to get into a long term partnership with IEM College BCA & M.Sc (Computer Science) Department to promote Data Science skills for their students. I’m sure this collaboration will bring focus to the employability factor of the curriculum and other colleges and universities embrace the inevitable change.”

IEM’s BCA & M.Sc(Computer Science) Department spokesperson commended the collaboration saying, “Going in, we did were just hopeful that it turns out beneficial for our students. The curriculum presented was sound so we were confident. The response from students have been incredibly positive. We are glad our students could learn something that enhances their employability in the rampantly evolving job market.”

The Indian education system has always been criticized for being rudimentary and unuseful, specifically in terms of skilling the students keeping employability in focus. IEM’s BCA & M.Sc (Computer Science) Department’s initiative is a welcome change, the engineering students across the country would like to learn from such programs. The college has been supportive to upskill their students in the data science tool “R” since they also believe upskilling their students will make them job-ready.

At the end of the first interactive session, students were thoroughly versed in Analytics and R. The students commented to show their satisfaction. IEM BCA & M.Sc(Computer Science) Department student Sagnika Das said, “Such a great session it was. Glad I did not miss it”. Another student, Akshita Das commented, “Interesting. I want more of these sessions!”.

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