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Shubhra Ranjan IAS (SRIAS), one of the most renowned coaching institutes for Civil Services Examinations conducted by UPSC, has inked a stellar performance in CSE 2020.

SRIAS students have bagged 8 of the Top 50 ranks in UPSC CSE 2020. In fact, more than 100 students of SRIAS have cleared CSE 2020 and 75 of them secured ranks in Top 500.

21-year-old Satyam Gandhi who secured AIR 10 in his very first attempt came under the wings of SRIAS for PSIR (Political Science & International Relations) optional. Ria Dabi, who earned AIR 15 in her first attempt itself, was also a PSIR optional student at SRIAS. It is mention worthy that Tina Dabi, Ria Dabi’s elder sister, also took coaching under Shubhra Ranjan and had achieved AIR 1 in UPSC CSE 2015 in her first attempt. The results have yet again highlighted the authority SRIAS commands in PSIR optional. The results prove beyond doubt the role guided strategy and committed mentorship plays in helping aspirants secure good ranks even in their first attempts. A huge number of successful candidates also opted for General Studies (GS), Geography, Sociology and Interview Guidance Program at SRIAS.

CSE is considered one of the most difficult and prestigious examinations in India with a competitive intensity that has only increased with time. In 2014, the success ratio was 1 among 700 applicants, while in 2020 it almost halved to 1 among 1,350 students. However, SRIAS students have consistently featured in the top rankers list each year. At least 15 students from the Institute have secured positions in the top 100 consistently in the past years.

“We launched a hyper model to coach our students in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic. We improvised our processes with the help of technology to ensure that the pandemic did not hinder the learning outcomes of our students. It also enabled us to closely guide and mentor each of our students. Our extraordinary results speak for us,” says Shubhra Ranjan Co-Founder & Executive Director, Shubhra Viraj EduTech Private Ltd.

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