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GrowthSChool, one of the most innovative EdTech start-ups launched by renowned digital growth hacker Vaibhav Sisinty, onboards 50+ mentors including the likes of Sarvesh Shashi (Founder – Sarva), Ajeet Khurana (Founder – ZebPay), Raj Shamani (Digital Content creator & Investor) and Devaiah Bopanna (Co-Founder All Things Small). GrowthSchool partners with the top 1% of instructors to create high-impact cohort-based courses on personal and professional growth for learners all over the world. The main objective behind launching this was to get actual practitioners to teach what they are good at and emulate school-like learning online with a community-driven approach.

Speaking about the future plans of GrowthSchool, Vaibhav said, “We have successfully completed our stealth mode in which we successfully 1.8 lakh students completely bootstrapped with a small team of 10 kickass people. Going forward, we intend to raise funds and speed up the process to reach our goals of building 100 more CBCs and onboard over a million students by 2022, and go global since we have already onboarded international mentors.”

GrowthSchool has 50+ mentors on board, who are passionate about teaching and are the best at what they do. Already 375,000 hours of live sessions have been attended which has impacted the lives of more than 1.8 lakh learners out of which 75k is paid, customers. Covid-19 has resulted in the need for innovation in online education. The global online education market will be valued at $374B+ by 2026. People are now keen to invest in developing skills that could future proof their careers – Cryptocurrencies, No-Code, Growth Hacking, and many more.

Speaking on this collaboration Sarvesh Shashi, Founder – Sarva said, “There are a lot of myths when it comes to building a startup and becoming an entrepreneur. That’s when Vaibhav made me build a program on starting up and since then I have genuinely enjoyed interacting and helping passionate entrepreneurs in the process.”

Raj Shamani – Digital Content creator and investor also added, “After giving 250+ speeches in 26+ countries, I had built some great speaking and communication skills. While I had the skill, I didn’t know my experience can change people’s lives and GrowthSchool helped me believe in it, which has led to us impacting 4000+ lives together.”

Keeping this change in learning pattern in mind, GrowthSchool has on-boarded mentors across categories like Start-ups, No-Code, Growth, Marketing, Design, Content, Creators, Art, and many more. Sarvesh Shashi is teaching how to start-up, whereas Ajeet Khurana & Raghava K.K will dive into Cryptocurrency & NFTs respectively. Digital Pratik, Anuj Gosalia, Devaiah Boppana, Anirudh Singla will deep dive into Content Creation at Scale and Content Writing Freelancing. Vedant Rusty & Megha Rao lead the YouTube & Poetry CBCs as well.

Saptarshi Prakash, Anudeep Ayyagiri & Siddharth own the UI & UX design programs whereas Mayank Nagpal & Keshav lead the way for No-Code and finally Vaibhav Sisinty, Deepan Siddhu & Ashwin Palo built the Growth Hacking & Performance Marketing CBCs.

GrowthSchool has also partnered up with multiple start-ups leading their respective industries like CoinDCX, Pepper Content, Kommune to build the best programs in the world across topics and will continue doing so in the future as well.

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