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Sanskriti University organized a Webinar on ‘Awareness on Cyber Security and Cyber Crime.’ The webinar was a culmination of the idea which was envisioned to sensitize the people about the Cyber Crimes in India which is one of the most challenging issues in contemporary times. The Webinar aims to create awareness about the cyber laws, issues and challenges of cyber crimes towards the society among the students, academicians, professionals and others.

The session was delivered by Santosh Chaluvadi, CEO of Supraja Technologies. The Webinar was attended by Chancellor of Sanskriti University Sachin Gupta, Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr Rana Singh, all respected Deans of the university along with Faculty and Staff Members.

While delivering the session Santosh Chaluvadi told the students about the different modes of cybercrimes, virus attacks, social networking security, password protection, financial frauds and its legal scenario with relevant case laws. He explained that every citizen is living in two worlds simultaneously. One is the “REAL” other is the “VIRTUAL” world.

Further, he added “In Virtual world, the average citizen (which is almost all) has a feeling that this is an “imaginary” world and their behaviour is thus modulated. They feel as if this world can’t be seen, touched, felt, understood and perceived, so it does not exist in reality. As a result, they take no self-security precautions while operating in this world and they even do not know the legal provisions (IT ACT) that govern the legitimate use of the cyberspace and virtual world. The citizens of all types in this country need to be sensitized about the dangers involved in unregulated and insecure use of cyberspace and also need to be made aware regarding the safe and secure ways of using technology, gadgets and the internet. This will ensure that the use of cyberspace and the virtual world is for the benefit of all and not in a manner which harms self and others.

Chancellor Sachin Gupta said the younger students, involved with social media that has become a trend of today’s world relying on technology. In the effort to remain advanced in technology and connected can make them victims of cybercrime. He said that the seminar on cybercrime awareness was a mere small step to bring vigilance among students to remain safe and secure in the virtual world.

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