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Sanskriti University’s School of Engineering & Information Technology organized a webinar on “Virtualization”. Goutam Sirker- IT Consultant at V.G Technology Pvt. Ltd was the key speaker of the webinar. The main objective of the webinar was to give an understanding about the emerging role of Virtualization, and the impact of virtualization for future Growth. During the webinar Chancellor of Sanskriti University Sachin Gupta was present along with the faculty members and Staff Members of University.

Addressing the session Goutam Sirker said,  “Virtualization refers to the technique of building an abstraction layer over the hardware that closely resembles the underlying system, thereby cloning the functionality of the original components into the software.” Virtualisation software makes IT simpler to manage and makes it cost effective to own and operate. It brings various positive transformations such as reduced hardware costs, better disaster recovery solutions, increased IT agility, enhanced performance, and quick availability of resources.

Further he shared that virtualization eliminates most of the inflexibilities inherent in the hardware system and allows for better manageability leading to a better utilization of the system. To integrate virtualization, it is important to understand its different types. Businesses can choose the type of virtualisation they need based on their requirements. Virtualization can be classified as Full emulation, Full/Native Virtualization, Para-Virtualization, OS Virtualization and Application Virtualization.

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