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Sanskriti University’s School of Medical and Allied Science organized a webinar on Balance, Mobility and Fall Risk in Elders. Dr Garima Gupta (PT) Neuro Physiotherapist and a certified balance & mobility instructor from Fullerton, USA PhD scholar CDFCR, MCHP, MAHE Manipal was present as Key speaker of the webinar and shared insightful knowledge with students and research scholars of Sanskriti University.

Dr Garima Gupta in her keynote address emphasized the importance of posters of sitting or standing and the factors that can increase the risk of falls, especially in elderly people.

Behavioural risk, biological risk factors, Socio-economic risk factors, environmental risk factors are the major factors associated with falls and fall-related injuries. Dr Garima Gupta also shared detailed information about two main types of balance rehabilitation. Balance rehabilitation goals aim at identification of modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors, improvement in musculoskeletal deficits, enhancement of static and dynamic COG control, teaching the usage of visual; and vestibular sensory inputs, to enhance functional training.

While interacting with students she shared, “Educating your patients about self-help is really important. You can do it in many ways such as by demonstrating them, with the help of posters or asking them to send the pictures of their living room. It can help them in teaching how they can protect themself from falling by doing some little changes around them.” She further added, “Exercise is a key, strengthening exercise (ankle & intrinsic foot muscle exercises, proximal muscle strengthening exercises), functional training (standing on the floor with equal weight distribution, standing on the floor with different arm and BOS positions, weight shifting & transfer exercises) are equally important for the patient who has falling history.”

“Multifaceted exercise program improves balance and mobility function in community-dwelling older adults with a history of falls. In addition, adherence to a structured exercise program reduces the risk for falls among older adults” said, Dr Garima.

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