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Sanskriti University School of Medical & Allied Sciences organized a webinar on “Achieve Peace, Joy and Good Health Spontaneously through Sahaja Yoga an Innovative Science”. The topic was focused on our daily life schedule. How we can achieve the goal and successful life. This virtual event was organized in association with H.H. Shri Mata Ji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga Trust with Dr. Devesh Prakash as Key Speaker. He is Partner at EY Financial Accounting & Advisory Services.

While describing the benefits of meditation, Dr. Devesh Prakash said, “Every person is made of energies which we can modulate according to the requirement and that it can be achieved by practicing meditation at least for 10-15min daily. This helps in raising our awareness and kundalini awakening for making our minds grow physically and mentally. Growth of the human mind is the same as seeding the plant which becomes the tree, therefore meditation is the only way to grow.”

The webinar has also shown different types of meditation for attendees for making concentration and positive affirmation. Dr. Devesh Prakash made everyone practice sitting posture exercises and deep breathing meditation to understand the positive vibes. The Vice-Chancellor of Sanskriti University, Dr. Rana Singh proposed the vote of thanks to the Guest speaker, students, and faculty.

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