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Sanskriti University organized the Webinar on ‘Trust in Technology’. The aim of the Webinar was to sensitize the students about various aspects and dimensions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Coding & Programming, Experiential Learning & Internships and what soft skills we need to get a job in Modern Industries. In this Webinar, Keshav Dhakad, Assistant General Counsel of Microsoft India was the eminent guest who deliberated on the theme of the Seminar.

Keshav Dhakad talked about various emerging aspects of the industry and how technology is all-pervasive around us and it is transforming our lives, economy, and governance. He also gave a brief about how cyber attacks are becoming a challenge for companies.

 Addressing the students Mr. Keshav Dhakad emphasized on  inclusive Behaviour that students need to build “Include and seek input from people across a wide variety of backgrounds, Listen Carefully, Make a habit of asking questions, If you have a strong reaction to someone ask yourself why, Act to reduce the stressful situation, Understand each person contribution, Examine your assumptions, Ensure all voices are heard, and lastly be brave.”

Vice-Chancellor Dr. C.S. Dubey said that “Our aim is to impart knowledge to students about what these big companies are doing and how they can help you in career development and how we can train students to be involved in AI, Machine Learning, Coding & Programming”.

The Seminar ended with a Vote of Thanks to all the participants and the dignitaries.

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