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With a view to provide exposure to the students in the area of financial markets, Sanskriti University conducted a Webinar on “Stock Market” in association with Shine Projects for the students of the University. The Keynote Address was delivered by Mr. Venkata Harsha, Managing Director, Shine Projects. The event was attended by Dr Rana, Vice Chancellor of Sanskriti University along with Faculty Members and students.

Ms. Venkata Harsha created awareness regarding various avenues available for investment in the stock market. He also elaborated on how to design a portfolio after considering varied factors like time horizon, company’s current and past performance, etc. Further he discussed Game Theory and how to deal with market fluctuations. He also mentioned that it is important to connect with the financial market to know how the market fluctuates, for example, fluctuations are noticeable due to COVID-19 pandemic. For updating ourselves, we should watch news channels which share price updates on the financial market like CNN-News18, CNBC, NDTV Profit, Zee Business, ET Now, etc.

The expert discussed the various aspects of fundamental and technical analysis which is done by the stakeholders in financial markets. He emphasised the importance of fundamental analysis in the process of analysing the securities by conducting economic analysis, industry analysis and company analysis in the phased manner.

Interacting with students, he clarified the difference between Equity Shares and IPO which are the key components of the Stock Market. The discussion touched upon various topics like Stock Exchange, difference between SENSEX and NIFTY, Market Capitalization & how exchanges segregate the stocks, top stocks in the current scenario and advantages of investment in equity. Various aspects of investment in the stock market were also discussed like future & options, commodity markets and currency market.

Best part of the Webinar was the basics were conveyed in a very simple language which was easily comprehended by the students. Mr. Venkata Sri Harsha further narrated the technical details related to the process of Stock Trading. He also answered questions from the audience concerning the above topic.

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