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Sanskriti University’s School of Fashion Designing hosted an insightful Webinar for Fashion Designing students on “Indian Crafts as a Future of Design with research and innovation”. The purpose of Webinar was to sensitize the students about our heritage and how it can be a lucrative career option for the design Students. Dr. Rena Mehta, Associate Professor at IICD, Jaipur was the Key Speaker of the webinar. During the webinar Sanskriti University Chancellor Sachin Gupta, Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Rana Singh were also present along with several faculty members.

While interacting with students, Dr. Rena Mehta, Associate Professor at IICD Jaipur said “Craft tradition is definitely an encouraging sign for the crafts sector which needs further diversification for its progress. Identifying new avenues for the craft sector is thus crucial if India needs to nurture its traditional designs but there are more avenues for interested individuals to learn about art and appreciate the creativity.”

Further she said “Digital experience in designing, Human and/or Computer interactions have modified the language and approach to design. There is a need for redefined education that is grounded in tradition, while directed at the future. Design & Innovation amalgamation aspires to integrate education, industry and tradition by engaging with artisans, exploring crafts transformation through technological and design interventions and promoting livelihood sustenance through marketing, while preserving the cultural identity.

She urged the students to conduct research pertaining to our heritage that helps one to explore various designs and increase ability to create something unique. Keep more emphasis and focus on research because India is a rich source of rich and varied cultural heritage.

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