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Sanskriti University in collaboration with ICT ACADEMY conducted a Webinar on ” Developing InterPersonal Skills”. Sindhu Kalyanasundaram, Founder of Ignite academy, Sarva happiness and Anjani Kumar Sinha, CEO & founder of Xecutehub Were the Key Speakers during the webinar. The webinar aimed to impart the importance of interpersonal skills and how it is useful in our personal and professional lives.

With real-life stories, Sindhu tried to explain the skills of communication and how they influence someone’s life on a personal and professional front. While interacting with the participants she said “With inter personal skills, we can connect with any person in any part of the globe. We all have our goals, and aspirations and we work towards achieving them during our journey of life. We should enjoy the journey to reach our goal. We will feel the happiness of achieving our goal if we are passionately making sincere contributions. We should learn what we can do for others or society throughout our journey. That will enable us to become good leaders. TATA is one of the best examples of it. We only remember the people who leave an impact on others. People will never forget how you make them feel, how authentic and genuinely you are communicating is very important.”

“It is a continuous process of learning, unlearning and relearning. It is not only important to be a great speaker but you should also be a great listener. When you listen to people you learn something from them. It is not just about having people as great speakers or performers but also about being great collaborators. The most critical aspect of inter personal relationship is emotion. Emotional awareness is going to help you to a great extent. Having self-awareness can help you find what people like in you or hate in you and understand others more effectively. The best negotiator is one who understands others. If you understand someone then you will win half of it” added Anjani Sinha.

Vice-Chancellor of Sanskriti University Dr Rana Singh said “It was an interesting and informative session. Our faculty members and other stakeholders learnt a lot about the communication skills and attitude. It is said that employees are hired for their degree and get fired for their attitude. ”

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