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Collegedekho organized a webinar in collaboration with Sanskriti Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital on “How to beat covid-19 by Ayurveda”. The objective of the webinar was to enlighten the students and other stakeholders about the importance of Ayurveda and how ayurvedic medicine can help them in combating the 2nd and 3rd wave of COVID-19. The key speaker of the webinar was Dr Raghurama Bhatta, (Principal -SAMC), along with Asst. Prof. Dr Ekta Kapoor and Dr Deepa (SAMC) as speakers. They gave knowlede and tips to the students and other attendees about how to use the different ayurvedic herbs and medicines to avoid and beat COVID 19.

While interacting with the audience, Dr Raghurama Bhatta answered the queries of students and faculty members and said “Ayurveda is as old as human civilization, and it is the first-ever medical system of the world. Today modern science doesn’t acknowledge Ayurveda because they want us to document Ayurveda according to their validation System. So, we need to document it with the evidence. The 2nd wave is more severe than the 1st wave and the 3rd wave will not be very dangerous especially for the younger generation. So, it is important for all of us to improve or maintain our immune system.”

He further added “Allopathy gives immediate relief to pain and temperature but when it comes to chronic diseases even it can not give the immediate relief. The same goes for Ayurvedic medicine. In chronic disease ayurvedic medicine work on eradicating the root cause of the disease in comparision to other systems of medicine which work on eradicating the symptoms of the disease.”

Dr Ekta Kapoor said ” corona patient should always have a check on Oxygen saturation level by using a good quality Pulse Oximeter and if you feel your oxygen level is falling, you should go for proning and do different pranayam related to deep breathing. If the oxygen level is below 90 one must visit the hospital immediately to take expert advice.

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