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Bengaluru-based RV University, which began operations in 2021 is fast emerging as a new-age, tech-driven global university offering liberal education. In this short span of time, the university has gained momentum and credibility to form meaningful partnerships with universities of repute globally.

While RV University already has tie-ups with many foreign universities, institutions, and companies, in the recent past it has inked MoUs with Old Dominion University in the US, Teesside University in UK and Ziroh Labs, to name a few. With these 3 new MOUs, the total number of such collaborations has gone up to 45.

The partnership with Dominion University encompasses a wide range of offerings that are mutually beneficial. These include collaborations in the form of international mobility by faculty and students for educational purposes, joint research activities, exchange of academic materials and publications, faculty mobility for research, lectures, and discussions as well as student mobility for study and research. Old Dominion University is a dynamic public research institution located in the city of Norfolk in the region of coastal Virginia, USA.

An MoU was also signed with the Teesside University of Middlesbrough, UK, ranked in the 301-350 band of 539 global universities in the Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2022. The collaboration includes the exchange of scholarly ideas and expertise as well as developmental programmes. It enables student exchange programmes and advance entry from one institution to the other where students are appropriately qualified.

The students and faculty from the School of Business and Finance, School of Design and Innovation, School of Computer Science and Engineering, School of Economics as well as the School of Liberal Arts and Science at RV University will benefit from this global exposure. “It’s a great opportunity for RV University students and faculty to be associated with world-class institutions and gain exposure to global benchmarks and best practices in academia. The international partnerships are a win-win situation for the academic institutions through such knowledge-sharing partnerships”, said Prof. Y.S.R. Murthy, Vice-Chancellor, RV University.

Built on the backbone of NEP 2020, with its contemporary, new-age curricula, RV University is well-positioned to fully leverage emerging disciplines. “The National Education Policy 2020 gives a big thrust to Internationalisation in higher education and these partnerships will immensely benefit our students and faculty” said Prof. Murthy.

In addition to the international collaborations, RV University and Bengaluru-based Ziroh Labs have signed a pact for Academic Alliance Programs that will further improve the quality of teaching and facilitate imparting practical skills to students from the School of Computer Science and Engineering as well as undertaking research and consultancy.

NEP 2020 lays emphasis on blending liberal education with different domains to ensure a well-rounded education system. It enables and focuses more on an inclusive, flexible, and globalized education programme. Foreign collaborations enhance cross-learning through student exchange activities and twinning programmes. The promotion of research collaboration between Indian institutions and global universities helps in enabling local institutes to design their curriculum in alignment with global teaching standards. It offers a diverse portfolio of subjects and specialisations to help students and faculty with collaborative learning for an inclusive world.

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