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Rishihood University (RU), a social impact-oriented university on a mission to provide equitable access to education for all has joined hands with Bosch India Foundation to set up the Industry-Academia Collaboration Center. Situated within the RU campus, the Center will offer relevant skill development programs aimed at creating more job-ready graduates. The initiative comes at a time when India is facing a massive shortage of employable professionals.

The association between Rishihood University and Bosch India Foundation consistently recognised for its leadership in skill development has been entered into on two fronts, MSME Capacity Building and running the BRIDGE certification program.

The MSME Capacity Building partnership, co-created by Rishihood University and Bosch India Foundation, is designed for those individuals pursuing self-employment opportunities, with a keen focus on social entrepreneurship within the MSME ecosystem. It will integrate key industry learnings and case studies, embedded into the existing RU course curriculum. The Center will additionally provide incubation support and funding opportunities for promising prospects. It will also be open to owners and employees of local micro, small, and medium businesses looking to improve operational efficiency.

A 2020 NITI Aayog report estimated that, of the 30 million graduates that join the workforce every year, 53% did not have the required skill sets required to be employed. The government’s New Educational Policy (NEP) reflects the urgent need for the strategic and sustained inclusion of vocational skills across all streams of education. Taking that into account, the Center will also run Bosch’s BRIDGE certification program to provide vocational skill development and on-the-job training to the less-privileged, unemployed, and less-educated youth above 18 years of age.

Speaking on the association, Sahil Aggarwal, Co-Founder and CEO, Rishihood University, said, “India’s recent struggles with growing joblessness can, in part, be attributed to the un-employability of its youth, which has only been exasperated by the ongoing pandemic. Our Industry-Academia Collaboration Center aims to tackle this critical socioeconomic challenge. The support from Bosch India Foundation, a pre-eminent name in skill development will improve the relevance and efficacy of learning delivered through the Center. We also invite corporate leaders, NGOs, MSMEs, and skill development trainers to be a part of this initiative and aid the country’s growth by improving the job-readiness of its future workforce.”


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