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Rishihood University hosted Rashtramedha, a one-day leadership summit on Sunday (June 19). The event coincided with the concluding phase of the first edition of Rashtram School of Public Leadership—Rishihood University’s ongoing flagship programme – PG Diploma in Leadership.

Rishihood University aims to provide India a non-Left scholarship space committed to academic excellence, and bring up changemakers who can think from the Indic perspective. The RU community and the allied Indic network have eagerly waited to hear what the first cohort of young leadership aspirants from Rishihood University has to offer to the world, and the leadership summit has been the perfect platform for starting a discourse on the same.

The institute had invited a host of illustrious persons from Education, the Social Sector, Academia, Media and public intelligentsia to deliver their thoughts on effective leadership, of which there is a gap in India, and how young aspirants of Rishihood University can bridge this gulf as they go forward into the world after graduation.

Eminent guests present at the summit focused on the concept of “Rashtra” and the strength of Indian Knowledge Systems that keeps the Indian nation rooted in its spiritual ideals.

A few thoughts that came up at the event are:

Ms Sinu Joseph, author and menstrual educator, while sharing her thoughts said, “Only when we see women excelling in male-dominated areas do we think they’re empowered. We need to change that mindset.”

Pradeep Bhandari, Founder and CEO, Jan ki Baat, said, “India cannot be known through books. It has to be experienced. First, you listen to people and, then, form an opinion. Most people approach it in a reverse order and thus get it wrong.” He added, “The Indian electorate is moving towards more of a personality-driven contest rather than a party-driven one.”

Padma Shri Popat Rao Pawar, Sarpanch, Hiware Bazaar, mentioned, “It is entirely possible to transform every village of Bharat into a Hiware Bazaar. When villages develop, the country develops. Always keep nation first.”

Manish Shankar Sharma, ADGP, Madhya Pradesh said, “The values of Indic civilization being ingrained in youngsters are the key to nation-building.”

Last but not the least, highlighting the initiative, Mr. Shobhit Mathur, Vice chancellor, Rishihood University said “Education is all about understanding our own nation and building curriculum based on our problem. When we tend to follow the west we are actually addressing their problems and not understanding our needs and requirements. Our curriculum should be such that they should connect the students to the roots and help them understand the ground reality of things rather than having bookish knowledge. Our curriculum should be comprehensive and not just extensive”.

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