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Today’s student entrepreneurs, creators and innovators are the force that will disrupt the status quo and drive positive change in the future. The return of Red Bull Basement – a platform that empowers student innovators to drive positive change through tech solutions – in 2021 gives students in all areas of study a chance to fast-forward the development of their ingenious ideas. Applications are now open and will continue until October 24.

To apply, log on to www.redbullbasement.com

Application details

To apply for the 2021 edition, 18+ years old and currently enrolled students simply need to visit the Red Bull Basement website and upload a video that clearly and concisely explains their team idea. The public will be able to give online “shout-outs” to their favourite ideas, and those shout-outs will be part of the criteria that judges consider – along with feasibility, creativity and impact – to determine the national finalists. Then the national teams will have about five weeks to further develop their ideas with the help of resources including an international mentorship program before attending an immersive, three-day Global Final in Istanbul, Turkey, where teams will pitch their projects to a panel of experts.

In this global program, young changemakers are empowered to find their voice, showcase their skills and ambitions, and use technology to make tomorrow’s world a better place. Students can tap into resources such as mentoring, workshops, networking events and more – all leading up to a Global Final where thought leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries from around the world collaborate with student teams representing each of the 44 participating countries.

Numerous teams from previous Red Bull Basement events have gone on to expand their ideas on the world stage. The top team from 2019, Austria’s Audvice, has made important strides since their participation, recently receiving six-figure funding in the first investment round for their learning and collaboration tool. And last year – when over 3,800 teams applied – the UK’s Lava Aqua X team wowed the experts as they pitched an ecologically friendly reinvention of the washing machine. With the momentum they gained, they are now working to bring their product to market.

“The cool thing about Red Bull Basement is that it can work for a variety of different ideas. For us, we were able to build a prototype model and make the intellectual property and trademark arrangements. In addition, we took a lot of knowledge from opportunities like the workshops,” said Lava Aqua X co-founder Paramveer Bhachu. “We also wanted to advocate sustainability and saving water, and the event’s outreach put us in touch with people all over the world.”

The 2020 finalists from India, Team Yibe Network from MIT ADT University, Pune, consisting of Suraj Suryavanshi and Shweta Morale, developed Yibe Network, a productive networking application that can help students connect with like-minded individuals or groups across campus.

Timeline, Red Bull Basement 2021

1 September – 24 October:

Application window is open.

25 October – 2 November:
National judges select one team to represent India in the Global Final, concluding with a simultaneous announcement of all selected teams.

13-15 December:
The international teams connect and pitch their ideas at the Global Final in Istanbul, Turkey.

Red Bull Basement is open to all students in India – submissions will be accepted until 24 October 2021, 23:59:59 CET. To learn more about Red Bull Basement, enter this year’s program, find local events and explore some of the top ideas and inspiration from past years, visit: redbullbasement.com

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