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We owe it to ourselves to tell our tales and rediscover the realms of our rich culture and heritage. AdiDev Press, an Indie publishing house, is born with a quest to bring forth strong themes of Indian culture for young children. The books, created primarily for young children, from the age of 0 to 8 years, explore myriad human emotions and instill values through engaging content.

Headquartered in Delhi AdiDev Press is releasing six titles. One of the first titles include a Hanuman Chalisa for children. My First Hanuman Chalisa is a simple translation (along with word meanings) in which each verse is brought to life by stunning illustrations. There is a series titled, Learning To BE, which introduces children to BIG Values though the lives of prominent personalities. The first set of this series is based on Indian saints such as Mahavira, Guru Nanak and Buddha and focuses on the values of Kindness, Service and Peace. These books explore ways in which children can inculcate these values in their everyday lives. Next in the series are Indian scientists Anandi Joshi, Aditi Pant, Janaki Amal, Bibha Choudhri  and we explore the values of courage, passion, perseverance and humility.

Another picture book titled, Are your Emotions like Mine? helps young children to identify and understand the swarm of emotions they experience in everyday life. AdiDev Press has a special focus on introducing the mother tongue to toddlers (especially those living outside India) and has a series of books that introduce Hindi vocabulary (numbers, food, clothes, colours, music) in a fun and quirky way. All these books have beautiful illustrations and are printed with high quality international standards.

Talking about the inception and ideology of AdiDev Press, Founder, Ms. Chitwan Mittal says, “Stories were a central part of my childhood. My grandmother had a wonderful imagination and could weave a story to accompany every bite of food she fed us. My mother too understood the importance of storytelling and got us books by the dozens, which enriched my world. Even as I young adult studying in Boston and London, I continued to look for books that were subtle, magical and uplifting. I would long to see this caliber of books with themes from home, with pictures of Indian kids and Indian places. When I moved to Singapore, as a mother of two young boys, I decided to realize my lifelong dream and create such books. We hope to bring the rich heritage of India into the lives of our children in a meaningful manner.”

AdiDev Press is focused on creating high quality children’s books which will introduce different aspects of Indian culture, leveraging exceptional story-telling and beautiful illustrations. To create such content, AdiDev Press is working with young Indian writers, editors, illustrators and art-directors, giving them an opportunity to showcase their talent.

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