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PrepInsta, India’s no 1 and most visited website for placement preparation, has reached a significant milestone as its Prime module acquires 100000+ active subscribers. The Ed-tech company has met the fiscal quarter subscription target in about 90 days. PrepInsta is a one-stop destination for placement and the fundamental aim of the company is to resolve the existing imbalance of career opportunities in India. PrepInsta assists students with complete placement preparation, skill development, learning to code, and interview preparation through its product PrepInsta Prime.

In a single subscription plan, the PrepInsta Prime module includes more than 150 courses. Popular upskilling programmers in the course catalog include AI/ Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Coding courses in C/C++, Competitive Coding, Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, Python, and DSA.  Additionally, the platform provides 150+ company-specific micro-courses for companies such as Amazon, TCS, Mu Sigma, Capgemini, and others.

“Looking at the employability trends, we designed PrepInsta Prime with the product principle to upskill youth and make India a preferred destination for finding skilled employees capable of competing with global standards. The active subscription mark reaching a landmark is a moment of pride for our team and definitely a clear indication that we must continue working to make our mission a possibility. We are also grateful to our student community and affiliated institutes for supporting and encouraging digital learning,” said Atulya Kaushik, Co-Founder, and CEO, PrepInsta.

“PrepInsta Prime Subscribers had an average package of 7.4 LPA with over 71% having more than 2 offers and 43% having more than 3 offers. Over 5000 students had package more than 40 LPA. We want to make these numbers better and impact more students at scale.” Added Atulya

PrepInsta either charges students or colleges for its subscription in a B2B model wherein they receive a Prime Subscription for all of their students. PrepInsta’s network also helps find new skilled talent for some corporations who work together as partners. Additionally, PrepInsta is currently working to expand its course catalogue beyond engineering to include marketing, business, entrepreneurship, growth hacking skills and other courses.

PrepInsta recently announced a partnership agreement with 50+ colleges and universities across India, with the goal of doubling the number by the end of 2022.

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