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One of the biggest events organized by the United Nations is World Environment Day which was recently celebrated on the 5th of June with the theme of Ecosystem Restoration. The day is celebrated to raise awareness around the importance of the environment and its conservation.

Hence, it is very important for everyone, especially for the younger generation to learn about nature from their initial years. As children enjoy fun and interactive learnings, here is a list of five apps that can help them learn more about environmental science on their gadgets while staying indoors during the lockdown.

Vedantu: Vedantu, a LIVE learning app for students, offers free live classes for its users. It has a wide range of essays and write-ups about environmental science that can be downloaded and are written in very simple language. This app can be useful to familiarise oneself with the subject. It provides very detailed information on ecosystem components and their cycles and gives in-depth learning on the ecosystem.

National Geographic: The National Geographic app is a leading app that helps to discover the best national geographic stories anywhere. It helps to streamline videos related to the environment and wildlife and browse the latest issue anytime anywhere. The app allows you to dig deeper into every story that one prefers. It could be easily accessed even while performing any task on both IOS or Android devices.

Brainly: Brainly is the world’s largest online learning platform that unites students, parents, and teachers across the world. It can be a helpful platform for collaborating with your peers to start a dialogue and share knowledge about climate change, and environmental restoration practices. One can also find short essays and well-explained write-ups about different elements of environmental science. Brainly has in place a Q&A platform where one can connect with subject experts as well as fellow learners to expand their horizons and strengthen their skills.

Audible Suno: Audible suno is an audiobook application by Amazon. It offers the most prominent environmental science and nature books like Humans versus Nature, What doesn’t kill us, Climate a new story, and many more. One can simply listen to it while performing any task at home or plug it with a speaker in the morning or on earphones before leaving off to bed. It is easily accessible.

Seek by iNaturalist: Seek by iNaturalist offers image recognition technology to identify the plants and animals around one. It claims to point the camera at living things that help us with identifying wildlife, plants, fungi, and all other organisms that are present around. The app also shows a list of commonly recorded insects, birds, plants, amphibians and more in one’s surroundings. It’s a great app for families that enjoy spending time exploring nature.

Byju’s: Byju’s is one of the leading online learning apps that is highly used for learning environmental science and ecology. It provides details about different life cycles that exist in our ecosystem. It also offers study material for students of all grades and for entrance exam preparations with in-depth information. The notes are readily available on the app to practice.

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