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Pinkishe Foundation, a Delhi based NGO with over 160 thousand members from around the world, has been one of the 13 amazing communities selected from India out of more than 13000 communities that participated in the Facebook Community Accelerator Program 2021. Pinkishe under this program, will receive up to USD 50,000 aid that will facilitate funding work which advances their community’s goals. The non-profit community has been running many social projects focusing on women & girl-child, sanitation, environment, with #PadBank being its flagship project.

The community with its innovative social efforts has impacted the lives of over 200 thousand girls by providing them with menstrual literacy and more than 2 million free sanitary pads. Upon winning this recognition, the community expressed its profound gratitude towards Facebook for helping them scale up and reach millions around the world. The Facebook accelerator program will help Pinkishe expand their services; mentor their team and support in getting connected to far-reaching communities, in a more structured manner.

With the support of this program will be able to work towards ending global Period Poverty, which is their ultimate goal. The funds will not only help in enhancing donation drives, but also be fruitful in expansion of their community.

Pinkishe volunteer women work at the grassroots levels in the rural and low-income strata to support girls and women in their overall development, education and reproductive health, hygiene & dignity. Upon achieving this recognition, Ms. Shalini Gupta, Co-founder and National Secretary-General said, “Facebook has been the core on which we designed our whole strategy when we started on Day 1 in May of 2017. So, getting recognition and support from them is like deja vu”.

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