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IMS Ghaziabad organized a Workshop on “Anger Management” for PGDM students with the objective to inculcate in them the emotional competence of managing anger effectively. The expert resource person of the session envisioned under the mentorship of Director, Dr. Urvashi Makkar was Counseling Psychologist Ms Aditi Jain.

Sharing her insights on the relevance of the workshop, Director, Dr. Urvashi Makkar highlighted that students must understand the difference between anger management and anger control. According to her, though there is no sure shot recipe to manage anger, yet students can learn the skill to manage anger intelligently for personal and professional well being.

She further elaborated that anger is a natural, though sometimes unwanted and irrational emotion that everybody experiences from time to time. Taking references from global surveys, she drew attention to the widespread prevalence of stress, anger and frustration amongst the youth of today. Ms Aditi Jain advised the students that ineffective management of anger may cause potential negative consequences.

Through various practical exercises on strategizing and practicing, she deftly helped the students in identifying and managing different sources of anger. The critical workshop coordinated by Dr. Anindata and Dr Monika Aggarwal enabled the students to express their needs calmly and put things in the right way.

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