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The pandemic has led to a major rise in the EdTech industry. While everyone has almost adjusted to the new normal, the EdTech industry has taken away all the spotlight when it comes to easing the lives of the students and teachers. Though the sector was already gaining pace since the last decade, now it has extra momentum to expand massively, and thus, there has been a huge surge in the number of users.

The Edtech giants have also led to major mergers and acquisitions as they are acquiring small companies and complementing each other’s businesses.

As the students and teachers have become comfortable with the online model of learning, a long way has been paved for the ever-rising demand for EdTech platforms. The sector has witnessed great interest from investors and stakeholders as well.

Listed below are a few people who have played a key role in the boom for the EdTech sector in India.

Ronnie Scewvala – UpGrad

Ronnie Screwvala is an Indian entrepreneur who is the Co-founder and MD of upGrad that is an Online Education platform in the higher education and specialization sector. Ronnie is based out of Mumbai and started UpGrad in 2015. His vision is to significantly leverage technology to transform the way education is delivered in the digital age.

Vamsi Krishna – Vedantu

Vamsi Krishna is the CEO & co-Founder at Vedantu. He is a graduate from IIT Bombay and has been teaching since 2006. He has mentored more than 10,000 students and contributes in Vedantu with his utmost knowledge. His vision is to generate interest in students and inspire and motivate everyone who is associated with Vedantu.

Byju Raveendran – Byju’s

Byju Raveendran is an Indian entrepreneur who is the Co- Founder of Byju’s. He, after graduating from an engineering college, started the organization Byju’s along with his wife in 2011. He expanded the organization after the smartphone’s screen sizes increased by launching their own app in 2015 and taking it ahead in the US, UK and other English-speaking countries.

Rajesh Bysani – Brainly

Rajesh Bysani is the Chief Product Officer at Brainly. Brainly is the world’s largest online learning platform uniting over 350M students, parents, and teachers every month, with over 55M users from India alone. He is responsible for driving the team at Brainly to build world-class products in line with the company’s vision of becoming a leading global educational platform. In his leadership, Brainly aims to improve educational outcomes for students across the world and transfer all the benefits of real-life collaboration into a digital environment.

Gaurav Munjal – Unacademy


Gaurav Munjal is the Co-Founder & CEO at Unacademy. He started by creating a Youtube channel for Unacademy in 2010 and later founded the company in 2015. He contributed in getting the company registered officially as an Education Company in Bangalore and secured fundings through a series of offerings.

Tanushree Nagori and Aditya Shankar – Doubtnut

Tanushree Nagori and her husband Aditya Shankar are both Co-Founders at Doubtnut. They have both been graduated in B.Tech from IIT Delhi. Tanushree has always been very passionate about improving the education system in India whereas Aditya is an experienced educational professional and has founded one of the most successful K-10 coaching institutes in Delhi. The couple used to give offline tuitions to the students of 9th to 12th standard and later started with Doubtnut in 2016 and helped in securing their first funding in 2017.

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