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PeakMind, India’s leading partner for mental strength and performance, has launched its new prep program, AbroadWell, for students traveling and living abroad. The Emotional and Mental Strength coaches will provide students direct access to dedicated mental strength-building and emotional enhancement through One-on-One (Video/Audio and WhatsApp) Coaching, Assessments, and 10 hours of specialized skills development sessions.

The latest program will tackle students’ nervousness while traveling or living abroad. The AbroadWell program aims to equip students to effectively counter cross-cultural barriers and homesickness, overcome climate uncertainty and overwhelming emotions, manage academic and financial expectations, stay happy and focused, and take care of the safety concerns which arise when students move abroad. The exclusively developed program will help students to develop the most important skills for a smooth transition and overcome struggles in living abroad.

The program comes with two packages AbroadWell (Included with 1-month of post-departure support to a child with an expert emotional and mental strength coach), which costs only INR 15,000, and AbroadWellPlus (Included with 3 months of post-departure support for both children and parent) costing only INR 25,000. The AbroadWell program is designed to assess the emotional, social, and psychological preparedness of the students moving or living abroad and also analyses cross-cultural differences and adeptness to health and well-being of the students.

At the launch of the new program ‘AbroadWell’, Neeraj Kumar, CEO, PeakMind, said, “It is very common and natural for students moving abroad to feel excited, anxious, and stressed for various reasons. Parents’ main concern remains the safety, wellbeing, and smooth settlement of the child as they have to stay away from them for 3-4 years. Taking the same into consideration, we have come up with a specialized program. The program will enable the students to be well aware, take their security as a priority, understand and manage their emotions to stay happy and focused on their goals, accommodate themselves to new cultural settings, embrace new experiences, and teach them how to keep their minds and body healthy. The program will also provide a personal emotional and mental strength coach for continuous and confidential support to the students and parents”.

The program has been launched after the success of the COMPETE program for JEE & NEET 2022 aspirants. As a digital platform for teenagers, PeakMind strives to empower teenagers and help them become mentally strong in the competitive, performance-driven environment to achieve their goals.

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